Welcome to Gatun Lodge!

Gatun Lodge is part of the Panama Canal District under the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and is located in Panama, Republic of Panama. Gatun Lodge came into being as a result of a merger between Balboa Lodge and Sibert Lodge. Balboa Lodge resulted from a merger of Army Lodge and Darien Lodge. Army Lodge was the senior of the three original lodges and was chartered in 1917.

Gatun Lodge meets on Thursdays at 7:00 pm. The first Thursday of each month is the Stated Communication. Candidates are usually initiated on the second Thursday, with subsequent Thursdays for Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees as required. We have recently started a Masonic Discussion Group which meets at 5:30 pm on first Thursdays.

Visitors are welcome at Gatun Lodge. If you plan to be in Panama on a Thursday, call the District Grand Lodge office at 261-7509 to make sure a meeting is scheduled.


Our mailing address is:

Gatun Lodge AF&AM
Apartado 0843-03047
Balboa-Ancon, Republic of Panama

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